Make your dentures stronger with implants

If you have crossed into being a denture wearer, it may be taking a while to adjust to the loss of stability and bite strength from when you had your natural teeth. It would be nice to put your mind at ease and say that your new prosthetic teeth will eventually settle and become secure — but that wouldn’t be true. Not without a critical — yet simple — modification, anyway. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s talk about where you are now.

Believe it or not, statistics show that individuals with dentures can expect their new teeth to function at approximately 20 percent capacity in comparison to a normal set of healthy teeth in terms of strength and function. Now you understand why you’re feeling less confident about your life with traditional dentures.

Secure your dentures with implants

Thankfully, we live in an era of advanced dental technology. Previous generations were not so fortunate and many had to compromise their smile, chewing capacity and self-esteem because of traditional, ill-fitting dentures.

The good news is that denture functionality soars to between 70 and 100 percent when dental implants are incorporated into the equation. So, if you are feeling insecure with your new teeth, there is an outstanding option available that will create a much more stable restoration.

Minimally invasive

Experienced prosthodontists can vouch for the added support they are able to provide patients who opt for implants to hold their dentures in place. Even simply using 2 implants along the lower arch can dramatically stabilize the lower denture. Imagine not having to worry about pain, sores along the gum line due to constant friction and having your teeth suddenly move or shift at the most inconvenient times.

Protect your jaw bone health

Having a heavy and chunky apparatus continually wear away along your gums can cause more than aesthetic grief. Over time, traditional dentures can do significant harm and patients can end up losing actual bone mass. This is particularly true for those who received dentures at an early age. By surgically inserting implants where your missing tooth roots used to be, the health and integrity of your bone is preserved.

This is because implants are the closest match to natural teeth that we’ve ever had. The surgical screw or peg acts like a root. This anchors your denture, a single artificial tooth, or even an entire arch of teeth and stimulates the bone and tissues similarly to your natural teeth. Keeping the gums and surrounding tissue active every time you chew and talk helps to prevent bone loss and the facial sagging that arises from it.

Prevent premature aging

If you make your dentures stronger with implants, not only will you notice better function, you will be able to preserve your smile and your profile as implants contribute to a more natural and youthful look.

The more you know

Knowledge is power. And the key thing to understand is that dental implants can greatly enhance the function of your dentures and maintain your appearance. This simple procedure offers the highest success rate and longevity of any tooth restoration method.

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